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5 Fabulous College Gifts Students Need

Send Great Gifts to College Students It’s almost time for college students to head off to campus for the fall. As they do, we want to make sure they know how much will miss them and care about them. Set your student up for success and make sure they know you’re watching over them. Send them a fabulous gift they didn’t even realize they might need or want in the coming semester. The designers at City Line Florist have compiled a list of some items students might find useful or helpful as they return to campus. Read More about 5 Fabulous College Gifts Students Need »

Flower Gifts That Pass Every Test

City Line Florist knows how important it is to start off the school year well, and whether you're the student or your kids are, it always helps to make a great first impression with your teacher. Now, we're not suggesting you do anything that would earn you a reputation for polishing that apple a little too enthusiastically; we're simply suggesting that you pick up a vivid array of flowers or a desktop garden as a gift to both the teacher and the whole class. What better way to establish a great relationship with everyone than to offer the whole gang a gift? Read More about Flower Gifts That Pass Every Test »
Posted by City Line Florist on July 30, 2018 Back to School flowers

Back to College Dorm Room Decor

Each fall, a new crop of parents is coping with the reality of sending their young adult off to college for the first time. This is both an exciting and an anxious time for everyone involved, as parents let go and students look back. Bringing the perfect college dorm room decor is one way to ease the transition, setting up a place where the student feels comfortable and has a few touches from home. Whether it be their favorite pillow or a framed photo of the siblings, little things really do make a big difference. This fall, City Line Florist has a few ideas that parents can adopt that will remind students every day that although they have left your home, they haven't left your heart.  Read More about Back to College Dorm Room Decor »
Posted by City Line Florist on July 18, 2017 Back to School