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Local Trumbull Gifts And Memorabilia

Looking for a unique way to personalize your gift for a special occasion? Although we are known for our wide variety of fresh, there are so many other gift options to choose from. From vibrant green plants to gift baskets to collectible local memorabilia, why not check out all the possibilities on our website? There is sure to be an option that is perfect for your gift-giving needs. Read More about Local Trumbull Gifts And Memorabilia »
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Sending Sapphire Blue Birthday Asters

What inspires you? When planning for September birthdays, one of our great inspirations is the September birth flower, the aster. Because they bloom in late summer and early fall - when many other flowers are ending their season - they are the perfect flower to help us celebrate. A staple among cut floral arrangements, the flower's star-like appearance and bright colors make for beautiful bouquets - so let's look a little closer at birthday asters from City Line Florist.  Read More about Sending Sapphire Blue Birthday Asters »
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Daisy Bouquets for April Birthdays

Did you know that the daisy is related to the artichoke? In fact, this humble flower has a lot of interesting secrets, even though it is known as one of the most innocent blooms. The iconic yellow and white daisy is legendary for determining true love - "he loves me, he loves me not" - and is used globally for medicinal purposes. Not only that, but daisies are the official birth flower of April, and daisy bouquets are a perfect way to celebrate! To brighten your home with all the carefree beauty of this popular spring flower, simply call City Line Florist.  Read More about Daisy Bouquets for April Birthdays »
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Celebrating Birthdays with Birthstones

Celebrating birthdays with flowers is a beloved tradition - and for good reason. Everyone loves receiving flowers, and they are even scientifically proven to make people happy. This year, when you are choosing the perfect floral designs for your loved ones, consider making them even more meaningful. Bouquets inspired by monthly birthstones are a beautiful and colorful way to celebrate their special day. Birthstones have been a part of our culture since ancient times. Many believe that they originated with the Hebrew priests, who in the Old Testament wore breastplates with twelve precious stones. The ancient Greeks began to associate each stone with a birth month, and also believed that each stone had magical powers.  Read More about Celebrating Birthdays with Birthstones »
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