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Dazzling Flowers For Better Health

By City Line Florist on December 26, 2017 in flowers, Get well bouquets, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

When was the last time you sent get well flowers? Here at City Line Florist, we take great pride in our rich selection of flowers intended to make someone feel better, and with good reason. Studies reveal that when flowers and potted plants are placed in a hospital room, patients have lower blood pressure and use less pain medication than their counterparts. They also oxygenate the room and promote a positive outlook, proving that flowers and greens do way more than just look good. Read More about Dazzling Flowers For Better Health

Make Them Feel Better with Get Well Bouquets

By City Line Florist on January 2, 2017 in flowers, Get well bouquets. 0 Comments

Whether your loved one is home sick, in the hospital awaiting a procedure, or recuperating from an injury - studies show that being cooped up or immobile can cause depression and anxiety. Conversely, flowers have been shown to cause immediate improvements in overall happiness and contentment. Therefore, get well bouquets are the perfect antidote when your loved ones are not feeling well. At City Line Florist, we have the flowers, plants and gifts you'll need to brighten someone's day. What Flowers are Best? If you are bringing a bouquet to someone's home, choose bright and cheerful colors. Yellow is the most popular shade to convey good wishes and good cheer, but other spring colors - such as orange, pink, and purple - also make wonderful get well bouquets sure to make them smile. Read More about Make Them Feel Better with Get Well Bouquets