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Raising Awareness for Lonely Desktops Everywhere

In honor of Administrative Professionals' Day this April, our expert floral designers at City Line Florist are busy raising desktop awareness by helping offices everywhere enhance their work environments with potted plants, bright blossoms and cheerful floral arrangements. Thanks to biophilia, the innate human condition of loving nature, adding plants to your office will not only improve your workplace's visual appeal, but will also make it a better place for your employees. Plants in the workplace have been shown to boost creativity, improve health and reduce stress. Read More about Raising Awareness for Lonely Desktops Everywhere »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 9, 2018 Admin Prof Day Holidays

Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals

In the early 1950's, the United States economy was recovering from World War II, and companies were growing rapidly. There was a shortage of secretaries, and so a nationwide initiative was implemented to encourage women to join the workforce in that capacity. Part of the movement was to reward the workers once a year, and Secretaries Day was born. Today we call them Administrative Professionals, and although the career field is female-dominated - only about 5% are male - the opposite was true when the day was established. What hasn't changed is how indispensable they are - from managing appointments to answering the phones with finesse, from making sure the paperwork gets filed to calming down a feisty customer, our admin pros are valued members of our team. This month, we have the chance to tell them so. City Line Florist has a collection of floral designs, desktop plants, and succulents that will beautifully convey your gratitude.  Read More about Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals »
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