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Show Gratitude with Blooms for Mom

There’s nothing like moms in the world and we are eager to celebrate them on Mother’s Day this year. For all of the moms you know, send a beautiful bouquet of flowers that show appreciation and gratitude for everything they do. Let moms know how much they’re worth to you in your life with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite buds. Take a look at the floral bouquets created by City Line Florist designers with moms in mind. These beautiful arrangements are as unique and stylish as your mom. Read More about Show Gratitude with Blooms for Mom »

Pleasant Spring Azaleas For Easter

Easter is right around the corner and this is a great time to celebrate the arrival of spring. Longer days and more sunshine, the symbolic meaning of rebirth and new life can be seen everywhere you look. One of the more popular spring flowers, the azalea, is an excellent choice for Easter decorations. These spring garden favorites are best grown wild and natural and reflect the beauty of Spring perfectly. Take a look at the gorgeous azalea arrangements created by City Line Florist designers for Easter this year. Read More about Pleasant Spring Azaleas For Easter »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 15, 2019 Easter flowers Holidays Spring

Wear Something Unique For Spring

The magic of prom night is upon us and we are excited to help you choose your favorite flowers to go with your prom dress or tuxedo. Prom is a great time for students to celebrate all they’ve accomplished throughout the school year. Make sure your night is one to remember. You’ll be dressed to impress, your hair will be on point and you'll be wearing something unique for spring. Make sure you have a beautiful corsage or boutonniere to accent your style. The expert designers at City Line Florist are happy to show you our extensive line of wearable flowers that you could use for your outfit this season. Read More about Wear Something Unique For Spring »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 1, 2019 Prom & Homecoming Spring

Refreshing Your Space This Spring

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, of new beginnings and starting fresh. It’s no wonder we feel compelled to do “Spring cleaning” during this energizing time of year. Some of the most beautiful flowers emerge and peak during the Spring season, and City Line Floristis proud to bring you some of Springtime’s most beautiful combinations and arrangements. Read More about Refreshing Your Space This Spring »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 2, 2018 flowers Spring

Springtime Flowers Have Arrived

The excitement of the first snowfall has long since faded, and we are all anxious to see the beginning of spring! Even if it is still chilly outside, you can bring the ambiance of the new season indoors with spectacular designs of springtime flowers. Characterized by vivid colors and unique textures, floral designs created for this time of the year are fresh, cheerful and will brighten up any room. For birthdays, special occasions, or "just because", you will love sending these amazing arrangements. Let's celebrate the arrival of spring in Trumbull and Fairfield - with flowers from City Line Florist. Hyacinth blooms are usually relegated to a supporting role in floral designs, which is why we are proud to present this exquisite bouquet, which showcases the flower and makes it the star. With stalks of delicate flowers in a wide variety of beautiful colors, we think it is time these springtime flowers got top billing.  Read More about Springtime Flowers Have Arrived »
Posted by City Line Florist on February 18, 2017 flowers Spring

International Women’s Day, Global & Local

International Women's Day is an annual celebration of the spirit and accomplishments of women around the globe. The event has been held for over 100 years, meaning that it has seen some pretty amazing history unfolding, including the women's right to vote in 1920. There have been challenges and successes, and there is still much work to be done. As a worldwide initiative, Women's Day recognizes that the treatment of women can be vastly different from country to country, and therefore organizers encourage women and men everywhere to come together in solidarity for the rights and equality of all women.  Read More about International Women’s Day, Global & Local »
Posted by City Line Florist on February 7, 2017 Spring