orange and pink flower arrangement

Tangerine Dreams

Send this beautiful vibrant pink and orange palette arrangement in a modern Mosiac low cylinder. The bouquet is created with Roses, Gerberas and carnations with accenting foliage. 

Tangerine Dreams is a vivacious and modern arrangement, a visual feast for the eyes with its warm palette of pinks and oranges. This bouquet is a celebration of color and texture, perfectly suited for brightening any room or occasion. It nestles within a unique, low cylinder vase adorned with a mosaic of cracked glass in pastels, which captures the light and adds an extra layer of charm.

The stars of this bouquet are undoubtedly the Roses, their petals unfolding in delicate spirals of sunset oranges and deep, romantic pinks. They speak the language of admiration and joy, making this arrangement a heartfelt gesture for any recipient. Accompanying them are the cheerful Gerberas, with their large daisy-like flowers in vibrant tangerine hues, symbolizing innocence and purity. Carnations provide a ruffled texture in shades of soft pink, infusing the arrangement with a sense of grace and a touch of the traditional. The foliage is not merely an afterthought; it's carefully chosen for its ability to accentuate the flowers. Dusty Miller, with its silvery-grey leaves, provides a cooling contrast to the warm tones, while other greenery adds volume and a refreshing natural touch.

Together, these elements create Tangerine Dreams, a bouquet that's as much a dreamy escape as it is a floral gift. It's perfect for someone who appreciates bold colors and contemporary design, making it an ideal statement piece for an office, home, or as a centerpiece for a special event.

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