Orchid Wreath

White & variegated dendrobium orchids create a light & airy wreath

The use of white and variegated dendrobium orchids to create a light and airy wreath is a truly exquisite choice that embodies both joy and symbolism. White orchids are often associated with purity, grace, and elegance. Their pristine petals convey a sense of tranquility and serenity, offering solace and comfort during times of grief. The variegated orchids, with their striking patterns of colors, add a unique touch to the wreath, symbolizing the diverse and colorful memories that the departed brought into the lives of loved ones.

The light and airy quality of this wreath design evokes a sense of ethereal beauty and the uplifting spirit of the departed. Orchids are known for their delicate and exotic appearance, and when used in a wreath, they create a visual representation of the love and admiration held for the person being remembered. The wreath's circular shape also symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and the belief that memories of the departed will endure forever. In this design, joy is found not only in the inherent beauty of the orchids but also in the meaningful symbolism they carry, offering a profound tribute that celebrates a life well-lived and the enduring impact of the individual on the hearts of those who loved them.

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