Peace Sign

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The Peace sign is available in any color you wish, including rainbow.

Express a message of tranquility and harmony with the stunning Floral Peace Sign from City Line Florist in Connecticut. This unique arrangement, shaped like the iconic peace symbol, is a powerful statement of unity and calm. Perfect for any occasion, this peace sign can be customized in any color you wish, including a vibrant rainbow pattern, ensuring it perfectly matches the sentiment you want to convey. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Floral Peace Sign combines lush greenery with vibrant blooms, creating a striking and meaningful display. Whether you choose serene blues, passionate reds, or a joyful mix of colors, each petal is arranged to form a flawless peace sign that stands out beautifully. Ideal for memorial services, peace rallies, or as a thoughtful gift to a loved one, this arrangement speaks volumes without saying a word.

At City Line Florist, we pride ourselves on creating unique floral designs that capture the essence of your message. Our Floral Peace Sign is more than just an arrangement; it symbolizes hope and unity. With our reliable delivery service, you can trust that your floral peace sign will arrive in perfect condition, ready to inspire and uplift. Choose City Line Florist in Connecticut for a floral tribute that resonates with the timeless message of peace and love.

If a flower becomes unavailable:: we will substitute with same color flower of equal or greater value

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