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August Celebrates Love & Romance

Valentine’s Day is still a long way off, but National Romance Month gives you the perfect opportunity to remind your sweetheart that your love is going strong. This slow and relaxing time of year, before the hustle and bustle of the fall season and the air of the holidays begins to creep in, is perfect for reconnecting with your significant other. This August, let them know that they mean the world to you with a little help from City Line Florist. Our team of romantic experts assembled a list of some interesting and love-inspired facts as well as an overview of the five most romantic flowers. After you learn a little trivia, share the romance with someone you love through romantic gestures and beautiful blooms

Living in Love: There are 19 towns across the United States that boast romantic names, including Valentine (Nebraska and Texas), Romeo (Colorado and Michigan), and Loving (New Mexico).

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Love Is One Swipe Away: More and more couples seem to be connecting via online dating and dating apps. In 2022, 35 million people have turned to online dating in hopes of finding the love of their life, with 28% being women and 32% being men. However, most successful romantic couples still meet “the old-fashioned way” through friends.

Romance Pays Off: Statistics indicate that a man who takes the time to kiss his spouse before leaving home each day actually earns more money than ones who don’t. Affectionate men, it turns out, are also generally more stable and hardworking, and because of this, they tend to earn higher wages.  It’s a good thing too because the romantic ones like to buy gifts! love & romanceSay it With Flowers: The most romantic blooms are ones that say “I love you,” “I adore you,” “you’re beautiful,” or “you make me happy.” Thanks to the language of flowers, you can select the best floral arrangement this Romance Month that has the perfect summertime blooms to express your love.

  1. Roses are an obvious choice to express your sincere love and romance to your partner as they are a symbol of love, fascination, passion, and desire. 
  2. Orchids are elegant and delicate blooms that enhance the beauty and meaning of any romantic floral arrangement. They represent love, luxury, romance, and refinement, which makes them ideal for celebrating Romance Month this August.  
  3. Lilies are another strong symbol of love, especially red lilies, as they also mean romance, passion, and longing. These brilliant, showstopping blooms are unmistakable and remarkable additions to any bouquet that expresses romantic feelings. 
  4. Daisies are sweet flowers ideal for celebrating romance, whether they are for a new connection or the love of your life. These blooms represent both new beginnings and true love, making them wonderful for any relationship. 
  5. Sunflowers are a great flower to boost your mood, light up a room, and even say “I love you.” While they ooze with happiness, joy, optimism, and peace, sunflowers also symbolize love, loyalty, and adoration. 

August is National Romance Month, and the perfect chance to surprise your sweetheart with flowers that convey your devotion. Love is in the air in Trumbull, and City Line Florist is here to help you to express it.

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