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Posted by City Line Florist on August 12, 2018 flowers Summer

Beautiful, Bee-Friendly Flowers

When it comes to bees, City Line Florist is a fan. A major one, in fact. How could we not be? Bees are responsible for pollinating 80% of all flowering plants. That includes the vast majority of our major food crops, the ones we consume on a daily basis. Scientists estimate that one in three bites we eat comes from plants pollinated by bees. Yes, this humble insect is one of the most important creatures on the planet.

What makes a bee love a flower more than another? Take our Precious Peonies as a case study. Bees are attracted to most types of peonies because the flower has figured out a way to enchant it. Together, bees and flowers adapted millions of years ago to appeal to each other. Bees need flowers for their nectar and pollen, which they convert into nourishing honey and bee bread. Flowers need bees so that they can make more seeds. So what makes a peony alluring to a bee? 

Color is everything. Since bees can’t see red but do perceive ultraviolet light, they prefer purple, blue, yellow, white or pink flowers—a range that the peony embodies beautifully. Single and double peonies also have centers that make use of color and pattern to lure bees. And their fragrance helps in that, too. Most importantly? They’re full of nectar.

How can you be as bee-friendly as a peony? Be a patron and supporter of local bee hives and the honey they produce. Support local farmers and growers. And when you have peonies in your home, welcome any bee that happens to find them.