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Late Spring Flowers – Peonies, Ranaculus, Lilac & Sunflowers

Late Spring Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, they say – and late spring flowers are indeed beautiful! As we make our way through this season, there are numerous florals that the designers here at City Line Florist favor. Which of these seasonal flowers is your favorite? Late Spring Flowers

Peonies are loved for their generous, lavish flower heads. Their bloom can grow to as large as 10 inches across, and the double peony varieties exhibit hundreds of soft petals that completely overwhelm the center of the flower, creating a “ball” of flowers. Peonies are elegant and luxurious and are often found nestled among roses, orchids, and hydrangea.

Fast Fact: A peony plant can live and flower for nearly 100 years.

Although not a household name, the brilliantly colored flowers in the Ranunculus family are truly special. They exhibit multiple layers of delicate, paper-thin petals, which some gardening sites describe as “nature’s origami”. Ranunculus make wonderful container plants and are long-lasting when in a cut-flower arrangement.

late spring flowers

Sunflowers are much more common among the late spring flowers, although they are often more associated with summer. Their large flower head is comprised of over 1,000 individual flowers which a joined together  – in fact, each individual yellow “petal” is a distinct ray flower. The seeds of the sunflower are used for food, and its oil has applications in cooking, medicine, and household use. That being said, we primarily love the sunflower for the bold beauty it brings to our homes. Finally,  Oriental lilies in orange or yellow add a warm glow to our floral designs, while white lilies and pink stargazers are also popular additions. The lily contributes an exotic flair and a splash of color that can’t be missed.

Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, send congratulations and good wishes, or simply to make someone smile – a floral arrangement featuring these lovely blooms is an excellent choice. Contact us about our freshest in-shop seasonal flowers, or choose a design from our exclusive Spring Collection. Spring is in full swing across Trumbull, Fairfield, and Shelton – so call us today to bring the sunshine in, with a bouquet of arrangement from City Line Florist.