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Posted by City Line Florist on December 15, 2017 flowers

Bright And Folksy Blooms For 2018

Say goodbye to those muted, faded floral hues of the last couple of years – they’re rapidly, well, fading in the face of bright, bold blooms for 2018 and beyond.

How do we know? Well aside from a general trend to replace more muted tones with Pop Art-inspired ones, International Floral Distributors annual floral design forecast indicates the same. It’s the last trend in the list identified, which is called Folk Art Reinvented, that gives us at City Line Florist something to get excited about.

The look is hippie-meets-country chic, a fun, upbeat style that emphasizes artistry and personality. You can see it expressed fully in a bouquet like our Color Therapy.

This study in color is exactly what Folk Art Reinvented celebrates, quirky arrangements where flowers are held up for their vivid hues or some other individual characteristic. In some cases, the blooms are separated into their own bud vases and spread around a table; in others, they appear in clear containers or baskets that set off the blooms’ character.

What unifies this look is a tendency to combine polished flowers in a structured way with florals that feel like wildflowers. There’s a balance between pulled-together and free form. With this trend, you can really express the unique character of your home, event or relationship to another person via flowers.