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Posted by City Line Florist on January 12, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Carnations flowers

Carnations at City Line for January

carnationsThe carnation is one of those flowers that is tried and true. It seems to be a part of nearly every arrangement, often as background or filler. But the carnation has a lot to offer in its own right – it’s botanical name means “the flower of the gods”, and it is held in esteem around the world. In other words, the carnation is far more interesting than you may realize.

When is it appropriate to send carnations? There are actually many occasions which are associated with this popular flower. Here are the main situations in which the carnation is a great choice for a gift.


  • January Birthdays – The carnation has the honor of kicking off the “official flower” calendar – the birth flower of January is the right one to send when you celebrate your loved ones born in this first month.
  • 1st Wedding Anniversaries – How sweet is this? The lovely carnation also helps to commemorate a newlywed couple’s first year together.
  • Mother’s Day – Pink carnations in particular signify a mother’s devoted love for her children, making the May holiday the quintessential time to send a huge bouquet of carnation flowers.
  • New Babies – No one seems to know why; perhaps it is the soft, fluffy appearance of the bloom, but carnations often are the main ingredient when celebrating a new little life.
  • Ironically, carnations are also the flower of choice when celebrating the end of a life. Funeral and memorial sprays and floor standing arrangements are very often made up of carnations.

There is really no bad time to send carnations – birthday, anniversaries, new babies or Mother’s Day, you’ll find many choices of bouquets and floral arrangements your family and friends will love. City Line Florist is happy to send carnations – or any flower – throughout the Trumbull area, as well as nationwide. Make someone smile today – send them flowers!