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Posted by City Line Florist on February 5, 2018 flowers Valentine's Day

A Custom Creation That Will Take Her Breath Away

Valentine’s Day and flowers go hand and hand together – like love and marriage. Cliches aside, few holidays are as instantly associated with flowers as Valentine’s Day. At City Line Florist, we love to help our customers express sentiments for any occasion with flowers. If you’re looking for a unique floral gift that’s going to capture her heart and take her breath away, consider one of our custom creations.

L’Amour de la Mère is one of those designs. Don’t let the name of the arrangement mislead you. This is a deluxe custom selection of flowers that conjures up mental images of still life paintings you might have seen in a museum. But this is real life. We chose to combine a selection of spring flowers that might remind you of an old-fashioned cutting garden. Elegant white calla lilies with dramatic purple centers look luxurious when mixed with bright pink hydrangeas, roses, spray roses, and peonies. We add lilies, hyacinth, and other spring flowers to create a floral masterpiece that oozes with romantic sentiments that will surprise and delight the woman you love to such a degree; you won’t have to utter a word. If you’re looking for a show-stopping floral design that sends a passion-filled wordless message, ask about our custom creations and the flowers and gifts we offer throughout Valentine’s Day week.Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that all-important marriage proposal or a flower arrangement to thank someone or show your appreciation, you can count on City Line Florist to help you choose the ideal design for any occasion.


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