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Posted by City Line Florist on May 20, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Summer

Decorating for Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesSummertime and the living is easy! For those of us who look forward to this time of year, this is the time to enjoy long sunny days, evenings that stretch out for hours, and casual get-togethers with our friends. With all the time we relax outside at this time of year, City Line Florist would like to give you some inspiration as to how to beautify your spaces quickly and easily for your outdoor parties.

From a cozy wrap-around porch to a small patio off an apartment, there is no more natural way to bring the beauty of a garden to your area than with hanging plants. Baskets can be filled with lush green ivy or overflowing with vivid flowers, but whichever you choose, the simple act of hanging them up can transform the ambiance. From concrete deck to flower bed, City Line has everything you need this season.

outdoor parties outdoor parties

A backyard deck, lanai or even green space can become a meadow filled with color – simply add garden baskets! If you are looking for a quick way to decorate for the party, place these arrangements around the perimeter for instant natural décor. Choose interesting pedestals, from small end tables to Roman columns. Baskets can be easily moved from the shade to the sun (and back again); the plants can be transferred to a flower bed at some point, or they can even be brought inside to stay beautiful until the next soiree. If you are having a dinner party, creating summery centerpieces with seasonal blooms is a gorgeous way to bring vibrant color to the affair.

Potted plants, flowers and baskets may seem traditional but can become unique and trendy décor with a little inspiration and creativity. If you love entertaining, we’ve got the ideas that will turn an informal gathering to a beautiful hangout – stop in to City Line Florist today and let’s get to decorating!