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Posted by City Line Florist on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Fall Flowers

Divine Dahlias for Fall

Dahlias in Fall Bouquet

When you think of traditional Autumn florals, a few names probably come to mind. Sunflowers, check. Mums got em in spades. Rich red roses, yup. Arrangements are filled with these lovely standbys and accented by curly willow, wheat stalks, and cattails. But there’s another flower we at City Line Florist would like to humbly submit to the list: the dahlia.

Dahlias are statement flowers, to be sure, but they also bring an intricate beauty to any design. They keep you looking at the piece, and given that they come in an incredible range of nuanced colors, they can also complement all of the usual suspects above. Why not decorate with some divine dahlias for Fall?

We call this little beauty Seaside Oasis because it’s basically like transporting yourself somewhere else through flowers. It’s also one of the main showstoppers from our seasonal collection, and not just because it presents with all of those harvest hues. The roses read as traditional, but it’s the fern leaves and giant orange-tipped dahlias that give the arrangement an exotic feel. In a simple glass vase with the stalks showing, this design looks fresh and stylish in your dining area or on an entryway table.

We’re big fans of sending arrangements just because. In Fall, as the days get shorter, darker, and colder for us here in Trumbull, sending a piece like this from City Line Florist is the perfect antidote to the chill outside and looks fabulous on an office desk.