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Posted by City Line Florist on June 18, 2018 flowers Summer Sunflowers

Entertain Some Sunflowers While You’re At It

If you’re planning a sweet summer soiree this June, you’ve come to the right place. City Line Florist is here to remind you that this is the season in which we see so many flowers hit their peak, making for a bevy of exciting floral options for your table. And while your focus may be on the food, you’ll want to give a little thought as to what you’ll contribute to the table beyond your feast. Picture it: A heaping salad in a generously-sized wooden bowl. A platter of salmon or an array of Spanish-inspired tapas down the center of the table. A pitcher of sangria or bottles of rose on the buffet, and a luscious dessert waiting in the wings. If you’ve gone to all the trouble to create a beautiful meal, you’ll want to provide the flowers to match.

We imagine a piece like our Flowers Of The Sun would look best in a pair or even a trio down the middle of a summer-themed table. With flowers as bright and popping as these, the focus is on strong color and the fresh feel of the greens they nestle with. These vases are small enough to use as centerpieces but make up for their diminutive size with their bold-faced flowers.

This sweet piece will add just a bit more spirit and energy to your summertime fiesta with its polished yet understated feel.