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Posted by City Line Florist on January 8, 2018 flowers Flowers For A Year

Fill Their Arms With Flowers All Year


We all know that it can be hard to commit to the resolutions we set at the New Year – they’re easy to make, of course, but executing them successfully for the foreseeable future is another story. But whether or not you’ve added better diet and exercise to your list, there’s one resolution that we here at City Line Florist feel certain you can achieve, and it’s a little thing called Flowers For A Year.

This is such an easy gift to give, and it’s one of those that literally lasts all year, though we have three and six-month versions also. The idea is that you order flowers to be sent to that special someone on the regular, with a new bunch of blooms arriving to them each month. If you want to really wow them, send Orchids For A Year. And if they are super special, spring for Roses For A Year.

What we love about this concept is that it preserves the element of surprise involved in getting flowers, and yet there’s the promise that more are coming. Each arrangement is different, so the giftee can anticipate what will come next while trusting that something will. It’s a definite “wow” gift, and something that will earn you bragging rights for years to come.