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Posted by City Line Florist on August 27, 2018 flowers Peonies Summer

Flowers That Convey Love And Tradition

City Line Florist loves a good sense of tradition, and why wouldn’t we? Our business is flowers, a field (no pun intended) crowded with customs and rituals. With Grandparents Day on the horizon (September 9), we’re thinking about those traditions we’ve inherited from the most cherished elders in our lives, and especially the ones that relate to flowers.

Many of us had (or have) grandparents who kept a vase of flowers on the table at all times, or who tended a garden, kept fresh flowers in the sitting room, and on and on. We may have learned many of our flower-giving rituals from watching our grandparents and parents exchange them for dances, dinners or just because, and often, for love. Our floral giving traditions use symbolic flowers to express their meaning, too, as with our Love Story design.

A cube full of pink stargazer lilies, tulips and roses is about as symbolically affectionate as you can get; all three flowers in this particular color represent abiding love and passion. Two are highly fragranced, to cast an enchanting spell. These are also classic blooms we likely saw our older family members exchange. Lucky for us, they never go out of style, just like the traditions we continue today.