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Posted by City Line Florist on March 19, 2018 flowers Spring

A Fragrant Bouquet For Spring

The intricate petals and wide variety of colors of the hyacinth make it a favorite just about any time of year. However, this festive flower is the perfect way to herald the new energies of Spring. City Line Florist is proud to offer the Hyacinth Vase to help you celebrate the season.

Our Hyacinth Vase is sure to send storm clouds away and brighten the mood of anyone who receives them. This beautiful bouquet is bursting with the pastel colors of Spring and offers the promise of warm weather and a rebirth after the long winter. The hyacinth originates from the areas adjacent to the Caspian Sea, including Turkmenistan and Iran. Their colors range from brilliant blue to magenta and pink and lighter pastels. This fragrant flower also comes in red, orange, yellow and white.

It is evident in Greek mythology and the word is derived from a blue gemstone called a jacinth. Hyacinth symbolism can depend upon the color, with blue and purple indicating reverence and warmer colors exuding emotional warmth and gratitude.

Today, hyacinth are prevalent in the Mediterranean and Holland as well as other regions of Europe and the United States. The fragrance of the hyacinth is lovely enough to be featured in numerous perfumes and uplifts anyone who receives a bouquet.

With such a rich history and undeniable beauty, it’s no wonder the Hyacinth Vase from City Line Florist is so popular. Consider giving this lively arrangement for any occasion this Spring.