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Posted by City Line Florist on April 30, 2018 flowers Graduation

A Graduation Centerpiece They’ll Love

As summer makes its way slowly toward us, it’s time to begin thinking about those end of school year celebrations, and specifically graduation. There are so many institutions of higher learning in our community, including University of Bridgeport, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University and Housatonic Community College. That’s a lot of graduates. Our local college seniors deserve our admiration and respect for their achievements, and if we’ve got a special grad in our life, we will want to properly celebrate them with a special dinner or even a party. City Line Florist loves so many of the spring centerpieces available right now, and luckily they also make the perfect addition to your graduation party decor.

While prom may have its themed colors, and the actual graduation ceremony will likely take up the school’s colors in its decor, you are beholden to no such palette. Your celebration can make use of a profusion of hues, the more the merrier, in fact. Spring In Bloom makes a festive impact with a glorious crop of beautiful flowers in pink, peach, red, orange and yellow. It will be clear to your graduate, and everyone invited to celebrate him or her that this is an important and yet fun occasion, youthful and spirited and happy.

Make a big deal out of your graduate’s accomplishments this year and don’t forget the centerpiece flowers to make them feel extra special as they head off into their bright future.