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Posted by City Line Florist on April 16, 2018 Earth Day

Grow Some Green For Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated as Spring is getting into gear and the flowers of the season are in full bloom. This year, the Earth Day holiday falls on Sunday, April 22. What a perfect time of year show respect for our Earthly realm! To honor the season and the natural world we call home, City Line Florist would like to recommend “going green” this Earth Day.

In addition to a full line of blooming cut flowers and traditional bouquets, we also offer a fine selection of potted green plants and dish gardens. These arrangements are bursting with the splendor of our beautiful Earth and allow you to stay in touch with nature even while indoors.

For example, our low maintenance Pothos Plant is easy to care for and will look stunning on a desk or a window side table at home. Its sleek leaves reflect shades of light green as well as deeper green that can help fill your home with the energizing yet serene energy of nature.

For more variety, our Ceramic Dish Garden is filled with an abundance of lush, healthy plants that bring soothing greenery and a Zen atmosphere to your home or office. The ceramic container type and color may vary depending upon available options.

Earth Day will be here soon. Do you know how you will celebrate? Consider giving a green plant or dish garden from City Line Florist to someone you love, and pick up a few more for your home and office.