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Posted by City Line Florist on February 24, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 flowers Holidays

National Floral Design Day is Coming Up

floral design dayThe desire to create beautiful works of art has inspired people since time began. Each civilization and society has had their own unique style that they have contributed to the world of design and the history of art. Throughout the centuries, one of the most popular mediums for creating artwork has been flowers and plants; it only makes sense to use the natural elements that surround us to design something aesthetically pleasing. In contemporary times, flowers are one of the most popular decorations for special events – and one of the most exchanged gifts on holidays and important dates. As your premiere Trumbull florist, City Line knows what an important role flowers can play in our lives.


Because people love the artistry of flowers, a national day has been created in their honor. National Floral Design Day will be celebrated on February 28th as a way to mainstream the appreciation of flower arranging. This day was instituted in honor of the late Carl Rittners, who started The Rittners’ School of Floral Design in Boston to further the education of florists.

floral design day floral design day

Floral designers tend to be as tuned into design elements as any other artist creating a masterpiece – color theory and composition are considered as arrangements take shape. For instance, this architectural piece utilizes birds of paradise and red ginger in a striking arrangement that takes into account color, line and texture in one cohesive display.


There are no shortage of reasons to surprise a loved one with a beautifully designed floral arrangement, Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, recognizing a friendship, congratulating them on a promotion – or even a “just because” – everyone is sure to be impressed by artistically styled flowers. Enhance their home or office with a true work of art, and let them know they are also one of kind. This February, allow City Line Florist to create a custom masterpiece for you!