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How to Grow Chrysanthemums

Many flower lovers wrongly presume that potted or garden mums are only grown as annual flowers. Although they have very specific growing requirements, anyone with a fondness for Chrysanthemums can plant these delightful flowering plants in their yard or garden and… Read More about How to Grow Chrysanthemums »
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Flowers: Supply and Demand

Being a perishable product, flowers are a classic example of supply and demand. Virtually all flower buyers are aware of this during the Valentine’s period when roses are in extremely high demand and supply is low. During February the rose… Read More about Flowers: Supply and Demand »
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What would Charlie Think?

When our grandfather Charles Roehrich founded City Line Florist in 1918, he had a cigar box to keep the Sales receipts in, the office consisted of paper, pencils and a ledger for accounting, and a five-digit telephone number (3-6080). Talk… Read More about What would Charlie Think? »
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