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Posted by City Line Florist on October 28, 2016 | Last Updated: November 2, 2016 City Line News

Petal It Forward Trumbull – “A Good Thing to Do”

Petal It ForwardOn Wednesday, October 19th, City Line Florist participated in the 2nd Annual Petal It Forward campaign, a nationwide event designed to spread goodwill and happiness through flowers. In a recent poll,  80% of people reported feeling happy when they receive flowers, especially when the reason is “just because”. The study also revealed that 88% of people feel a sense of joy when they give flowers to someone else. Petal It Forward is a twist on the popular “pay-it-forward” trends; and the event capitalized on both those statistics – spreading happiness by allowing people to both receive and give beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Petal it ForwardPetal it Forward

City Line has a long history, founded in 1918 by Nicole Palazzo’s great-grandfather. Still, this is the first time that the flower shop has participated in something of this scale, handing out nearly 1,000 bouquets on Southwest Connecticut streets. City Line FLorist’s team gave each recipient two bouquets – one to keep, and one to give away. The response from the unsuspecting public was delight and surprise. As one gentleman received two bouquets of fresh flowers through the window of his car, he stated simply, “This is absolutely amazing!”

Petal it Forward

Petal It Forward

Flowers have been shown to have an immediate impact on happiness, and a long-term positive impact on moods. Nicole says that the giveaway had a pretty positive impact on her mood as well. “I’m just over the moon, ” the floral designer said. “This is just a GOOD thing to do”.
Petal It Forward

Petal it Forward

In a world that sometimes seems too busy to care, City Line Florist’s participation in the Petal It Forward program shows that here in Trumbull, good old fashioned kindness and neighborly love is alive and well. If you are looking to spread a little joy of your own, stop by City Line Florist today for gorgeous floral designs and bouquets.

PEtal it Forward

The Petal It Forward initiative is the brainchild of the Society of American Florists. Florists in 235 cities and all 50 states took part in the 2016 quest to spread happiness. City Line Florist would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing effort!

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City Line Florist – Sue & Carl
Fall River Supply
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Volunteers “Happy Ambassadors”
Sue Palazzo
Nicole Palazzo
Leona Lane
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Raeanne McLaren
Bob Palazzo
Debbie Bradford
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Michael Holah
Raynelle Bernhard
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