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Posted by City Line Florist on March 8, 2017 | Last Updated: September 10, 2020 City Line News flowers

Recognizing Those Who Rescue Puppies


Is there anything cuter than a puppy? These animals are adorable, playful, and loyal – and bring so much love to every family lucky enough to adopt them. Sadly, puppies born in the United States will encounter difficult circumstances throughout their lives. Because of serious overpopulation, only 10% of newborn puppies will experience a permanent loving home. National Puppy Day is a grassroots effort with several purposes – to tackle the issues of irresponsible breeding, to reduce overcrowding in shelters, and to encourage adoption from local rescue organizations.

The people advocating on behalf of the puppies and older dogs in the shelter are passionate about their role. If you are an animal lover who wants to recognize the unsung heroes working to help vulnerable animals every day, we recommend a beautiful floral arrangement from City Line Florist to brighten their facility.  puppiesHow Do Puppies End Up in Shelters?

* Only 10% of strays are neutered. Many give birth at the shelter, or if they have their litter in the streets, the puppies may be found by a passerby and delivered to the facility.

* Many owners have neglected to spay or neuter their dogs. When there is an unplanned, unexpected litter, they are often surrendered to the shelter.

* Puppies are also often rescued from abusive, neglectful, or illegal breeders.

* When you add the number of mature canines to the puppies, 4 million dogs will enter shelters each year.

* National Puppy Day encourages adoption from shelters versus breeders and commercial outlets in order to literally save a puppy’s life.


This March 23rd, local Trumbull area rescue shelters hope to receive assistance from the public, If you are considering adopting, rescuing, volunteering, or donating to their cause, they would appreciate your efforts – and so would the puppies! National Puppy Day is a great time to get involved in making the lives of these animals better.

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