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Posted by City Line Florist on December 1, 2017 Christmas

Secret Santa Gifts For The Gourmand

This year, up your Secret Santa game. Wine, gag gifts, mugs with funny sayings on them – these are all fine gifts, but can also seem a little rote when they show up under the workplace tree at the holiday party. And while it may be hard to envision the perfect item for the gift recipient you drew this year, there is one crowd-pleasing gift that no one would pass up. Luckily, we at City Line Florist have it (and yes, you can keep one for yourself, we won’t tell).

It’s the “secret” part of Secret Santa that makes it so fun, as well as the big reveal on gift swap day. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone in a group gets remembered this holiday, and it gives people a reason to come together and celebrate. Since givers and giftees are paired up blindly, you may not know your recipient’s personal preferences and tastes, which is why we say go for an overflowing basket of food. Because who would say no to that?

Just look at our Gourmet Basket. Filled to the brim with delectable goodies, this gift needs nothing but that big bow on top to win best prize at this year’s Secret Santa. What’s especially nice about giving a gourmet collection like this is that each item is like another surprise. Your gift will keep getting received over and over, and leave a lasting impression of abundance and goodwill.

Let us put one of these in your Secret Santa hands, so you can deliver the best of the season to your lucky recipient.