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Why Send Flowers on Halloween?

friendly flower ghostHalloween, All Hallowmas, or All-Hallows (both from Middle English,) is believed to have originated in the Celtic festival tradition of Samhain. The festival celebrated the end of the fall harvest, but the superstitious Gaels, as they were called, also lit bonfires, wore costumes and masks, all in an effort to prevent the dead from ruining crops, making people sick, or ghosts from inflicting their wrath on these superstitious people.

In early America, Halloween was celebrated in Maryland and the Southern counties, but strict Protestant Colonial settlers were less open to observing this holiday that embraced superstition. The earliest American Halloween celebrations were formed as various European ethnic traditions mixed with American Indian traditions. It wasn’t until the mid 19th century that Halloween celebrations were incorporated into traditional fall festivities.

The gift of flowers to someone for Halloween is a thoughtful way of sharing the end of the harvest with them. The earthy fall colors will remind people that the warm summer growing season is over, the days are getting shorter, and winter is approaching.

Help someone ward off evil spirits with a bouquet of white carnations called Boo, The Friendly Flower Ghost. This unusual flower arrangement brings some holiday spirit into a home, and become a real conversation starter. Place it on a consol table at the entry to your home. It will allow you to bring a bit of the historical Celtic tradition of the holiday into your life and your home.

The Ghostly Greeting bouquet is the perfect gift to send to someone’s office. Rich fall colored flowers form the bouquet that is guarded by a ghost.

Allow the whimsical Its Bat Simple bouquet to incorporate the superstition of the Celts, and their belief that bats ward off bad spirits and protect people against the wrong doings of others, to add some ambiance to the dining room table, a smaller kitchen table, or on a coffee table.

When you send someone Halloween flowers, you show them you care, and that you want to protect them and keep them save. When you accept an invitation to a holiday or Halloween gathering, bring a bouquet of flowers as a lovely, thoughtful and attractive way to thank your host for including you in the festivities.