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Posted by City Line Florist on August 19, 2018 flowers Summer

Serene, White Flowers For End Of Summer

It’s the end of summer, and we can finally breathe again. In fact, Labor Day, which falls every year on the first Monday in September, is a day designed for us to do just that. Not only devised to celebrate the American worker, this is a day to devoted to letting those workers rest. City Line Florist thinks it’s the perfect moment to introduce some white flowers into your home as a kind of refresher and re-set before the onset of fall. And yes, you can enjoy white fashion and white flowers any time of year, we promise.

The no-white-after-Labor Day rule is an outdated tenet from the 1800s, when society types wanted to distinguish between the classes (basically, whoever was still wearing white after Labor Day wasn’t worth the time of day). Clearly, we’ve been liberated from beliefs such as these, and thank goodness, as white and its accompanying palette is the perfect breath of fresh air, a clearing, cleansing color that paves the way for the cooler months and their heavier hues. A piece like our Blue and White Elegance would work in any room and with any style, such is the blendable simplicity of white. 

A restful design of white roses, lilies and just a touch of blue and green hydrangea spreads a feeling of peace and calm, definitely setting the tone for a Labor Day weekend where relaxation is the priority.