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Posted by City Line Florist on December 15, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 flowers Holidays New Year's

Start the New Year Off Beautifully

New YearThere is something so hopeful about the arrival of a new year. No matter what may have transpired in the previous twelve months, January 1st signals a new opportunity and a fresh start. It is no wonder that we feel the need to reflect, to reevaluate, and to celebrate! Like so many other occasions that weave together to form our lives, the new year is significant and worthy of note. This year, resolve to make your new year even more beautiful, by letting those you love know how much they mean to you. The gift of flowers is a timeless expression of affection, and the floral designers at City Line Florist have created a tradition of exquisite excellence in Trumbull. This New Year’s Eve, celebrate with flowers! new year

This gorgeous arrangement of white amaryllis flowers makes the perfect New Year decor – winter whites, silver embellishments, and a shimmering bow add to the festive ambiance of the party. Whether you are giving them to your hostess, or decorating for your own gathering, this is a truly special bouquet that won’t soon be forgotten.

Calla lilies represent rebirth and renewal and therefore hold special significance for the new year. Although white flowers are traditional at the new year, we love the idea of adding a splash of color to a winter landscape. These vivid calla lilies resting in a snowbank of hydrangea will be the centerpiece of your party or make a memorable gift. What better way to celebrate a fresh start than with something so beautiful? New YearWish someone health, prosperity and good luck in 2017, with a unique and lush Money Tree. The perfect addition to home or office will be a year-round reminder of your love and affection, and holds special meaning to the recipient as you wish them all the best in the new calendar year. new yearAt City Line Florist, we have been honored to be a part of all our your celebrations in the past. As we look forward to a new year filled with special occasions and events, we anticipate with excitement helping you to celebrate with all of the beauty that flowers and plants provide.