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Posted by City Line Florist on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Summer Sunflowers

Summer Sunflowers

sunflowersIs there a more fitting floral ambassador for the summer season than the gorgeous and bold sunflower? Not only does this highly recognizable bloom shine with the brightest sunny yellow, but it is a sun worshipper. From the moment the sun rises in the morning, the head of the flower seeks the rays and follows the sun as it tracks across the sky. Celebrate this special season with a bouquet showcasing the quintessential summer flower.

sunflowersThere are many flowers that thrive in the summer months. While other plants shrink from the rising temperatures, these blossoms seek the heat and grow throughout the season. Some of these popular flowers include the zinnia and the marigold; and the petunia, which makes for a beautiful summer hanging baskets and potted gardens. The periwinkle, although lesser known, is a wonderful summer flower which grows in shades of blue; and the gladioli bloom grows strong and tall during the summer. The hydrangea, although utilized in floral arrangements year-round, is, in reality, a summer blossom – and its pastel color scheme creates a delicate backdrop to bolder summer colors.

sunflowersTo give your sunflowers even more of a summer flair, add unique succulents. These interesting plants are reminiscent of desert conditions, yet somehow add a cool ambiance to hot summer arrangements. Whether as the centerpiece of a barbecue or a showcase on your patio, this creative arrangement is a striking way to bring the ambiance of summer to your home.

If you are looking for a different way to display all the beauty, relaxation, anticipation or vitality of summer, consider asking the advice of a City Line Florist. The expert designers at our flower shop are the perfect resource to help you make unconventional, yet beautiful pairings and floral displays. Don’t settle for boring bouquets – consult with our professional florists and make this summer the most beautiful one yet.