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City Line Florist

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What would Charlie Think?

When our grandfather Charles Roehrich founded City Line Florist in 1918, he had a cigar box to keep the Sales receipts in, the office consisted of paper, pencils and a ledger for accounting, and a five-digit telephone number (3-6080). Talk about “Old School”!

Charlie passed away in 1980 at age 85 and experienced dramatic changes in the world during his life time. Space does not allow me to list the things he witnessed being invented, and becoming common conveniences for all of us.

When I think of the technology that we use everyday in the daily functioning of our Flower Shop, I wonder “What would Charlie think?” of all the state of the art business and technology tools that we use.

He was with us to see the computer making our accounting, billing, order taking, delivery system, payroll system and credit card processing make us much more efficient. He was taken back with the initial cost of over $100,000. in hardware and software cost, but he understood the necessity.

Now we communicate with our customers via Facebook, Twitter, emails and starting today with a Blog.

What would Charlie Think? He instilled in us the need of outstanding Customer Service and the need to communicate with our customers, so I can safely say he would have a giant learning curve, but he would have loved it!