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Posted by City Line Florist on November 30, 2015 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Christmas Holidays

City Line Florist Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday buzz surrounding Christmas is definitely in full swing. It began on the day after Halloween. Before we’ve had a chance to digest our Thanksgiving dinner, the frenzy to get in on all of the Black Friday deals begins! If you’re like us, we think that’s a recipe for a stress-laden and anxiety provoking holiday shopping experience. No one should have to endure a stressful holiday shopping ordeal. That’s what prompted us to create our City Line Florist to launch our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

We believe that the holiday shopping experience should be enjoyable. If it isn’t, the joy of the entire season is kind of gone. Out Holiday Gift Guide is divided into three sections: Christmas Flowers, Christmas Baskets, and Christmas Centerpieces.

Christmas Flowers

It’s not as if those of us who live in New England don’t already have a feeling for the awesomeness of a wintry wonderland outside. Nonetheless, there’s no reason not to bring it inside. We think our Winter Woodland arrangement is an elegant representation of a delightful winter walk in the woods. We combine sprigs of holly and red berries, cream-colored and snowy white flowers, and branches of birch. This modern floral design is a beautiful gift for any recipient.

Christmas Baskets

Christmas is a time of the year when we’re often invited to holiday parties. Taking a gift to the host or hostess is customary. Sometimes figuring out exactly what the perfect gift is can be complicated. We’ve taken the confusion out of that with our delightful Christmas baskets. Our Blooming Poinsettia Basket features a poinsettia, along with a Norfolk Island pine, a mum, and another green plant. This festive display is something any recipient will enjoy for many months after the holiday season.

holiday gift guide

Winter Wonderland

holiday gift guide

Blooming Poinsettia Basket

holiday gift guide

Christmas Orchid Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpieces

The table is traditionally the gathering place around the holidays. It’s only fitting that the table is decorated appropriately. We think that our Christmas Orchid Centerpiece is unusual, elegant and festive. We combine dendrobium orchids, Amaryllis, pine boughs, pine cones, berries and a host of other decorative touches in this gorgeous centerpiece. We anchor two tall red taper candles in the middle, ensuring that the candle glow will cast dramatic shadows on the fabulous flowers in this centerpiece.

Don’t put off your holiday shopping. City Line Florist is ready to take the stress out of your holiday shopping and help you make it as memorable as it is relaxing.