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5 Fabulous College Gifts Students Need

Send Great Gifts to College Students

It’s almost time for college students to head off to campus for the fall. As they do, we want to make sure they know how much will miss them and care about them. Set your student up for success and make sure they know you’re watching over them. Send them a fabulous gift they didn’t even realize they might need or want in the coming semester. The designers at City Line Florist have compiled a list of some items students might find useful or helpful as they return to campus.

Flower and Plants to Brighten a Dorm Room

bright colorful bouquet of orange, magenta, and yellow flowers


A Fabulous Special Delivery More than anything, students need to know how much you care about them. Send a gorgeous floral design, a fresh trendy plant, or a delicious gift basket full of treats for your student to enjoy with roommates and friends. They’ll be glad for the break from the everyday routine and proud to know you’re thinking of them.


Send our gorgeous Sunny Daze and fill their dorm room with sunshine. This bright piece features orange lilies, hot pink gerbera daisies and yellow roses in a clear glass bubble bowl for a fun celebration of the new school year.


Sunflowers & Succulents Floral Design


Our Sunflowers and Succulents Design encapsulates everything unique and beautiful about your student. Golden sunflowers and blue hydrangea are nestled in with fresh succulents for a quaint desktop design that will last and last.


Spherical bowl filled with luscious living plants



Not only do green plants add warmth and beauty to any space, they also purify the air. This makes our Sphere of Tranquility a perfect gift for any dorm or college apartment. A glass globe contains smooth river rocks and lush ornamental plants for a peaceful oasis. Lower students’ stress levels and freshen their living space with the beauty of nature.



crunchy sweet snack gift basket - pretzels, popcorn, and chocolates



Give students what they crave as they cram for exams or just for late-night cravings. Our Crunch Time Sweet Snacks gift basket is packed with treats to enjoy and share. Gourmet popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels and sandwich cookies, plus Ghirardelli chocolates make a gift worth sharing!

Other Fantastic Gifts

A Fabulous Coffeemaker Stopping by the local coffee shop on the way to class will get expensive very quickly. Help your student keep a few dollars in their pocket when you invest in a coffee maker. Send a package full of coffee accessories, too, like a variety of syrups, flavored creamers and a to-go tumbler they can take with them to class.

A Fabulous Tablet & Accessories While a laptop is absolutely essential during the college years, students will thrill over the use of a tablet. Its portability and accessories like protective cases and portable keyboard will help students when they’re on the go. Help your student be successful with devices that keep them learning.

Fabulous Gas & Grocery Gift Cards A student’s budget can often be tight. Alleviate some of your college expenses by sending the occasional groceries or gas gift card. A weekly or monthly “Thinking of You” card filled with local grocery store gift cards, gas station cards or even something to their favorite restaurant or boutique will go along way in making your student feel special.

A Fabulous Quilt & Linens Even though students don’t sleep often, when they do make sure they’re reminded of home. Send a cozy blanket, quilts or other special linens from your home to them to keep on their bed. This way, they can enjoy the comforts of home with they’re away.

Help them make the most of their college days while understanding that you are supporting them all the way. Students know how much they are loved and missed. The designers at City Line Florist are happy to help you send the very best. Talk to us for more great ideas about what college students might need or want in the upcoming semester.