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Posted by City Line Florist on October 7, 2018 Plants

A Fresh Gift For Your Mentor This Bosses Day

On October 20, we celebrate National Bosses Day, a date you definitely want to circle on your work calendar. This is a time to sow some goodwill with your fearless leader, mentor, guide, teacher . . . However you think of that person who holds a position of responsibility at your workplace and manages the efforts of your team. City Line Florist has a bright idea as to what to offer that person who holds such a pivotal role in your life.

The good employee who established Bosses Day did so in honor of her father, who also happened to be her boss, in 1958. But we’re betting she didn’t give him a Succulent as a present. This would be the perfect item to keep on a desk, just a touch of green to bring the outdoors in. Succulents make perfect workplace plants because they don’t require a lot of care.

This is an easy gift to give: it looks great, lasts a long time and adds a modern look to a workspace. A bed of moss adds another layer of visual interest and an organic feel. Your boss is sure to feel acknowledged and pleasantly surprised by this thoughtful succulent gift.