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Fall In Love With The Benefits of Mums

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy fall blooms, and we’re finding that chrysanthemums are among the favorites of this season. Mums have so much going for them; it’s hard to resist decorating with them and sending them as gifts during the fall months. These flowers bloom in so many colors and varieties, there’s something for everyone. And did you know that chrysanthemums have healing properties that can address a number of ailments? The health benefits are just another reason we love mums. The floral designers at City Line Florist are happy to share our knowledge and love for these flowers with you here. Read More about Fall In Love With The Benefits of Mums »
Posted by City Line Florist on September 8, 2019 Fall Flowers flowers Plants

Honor Grandparents On Their Special Day

As summer draws to a close, the time to celebrate Grandparents Day approaches on the first Sunday after Labor Day. On this occasion, children and grandparents have a special opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate family. Parents can help kids select a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a fresh dish garden, or a special gift. For a personal touch, include a poem or prayer in the card message.  City Line Florist can deliver your selection no matter where grandparents are, whether it's a private residence in the Trumbull area or nationwide, or local nursing homes like Cambridge Manor, Bishop Wicke, and Hewitt Health Center. Read More about Honor Grandparents On Their Special Day »

5 Fabulous College Gifts Students Need

Send Great Gifts to College Students It’s almost time for college students to head off to campus for the fall. As they do, we want to make sure they know how much will miss them and care about them. Set your student up for success and make sure they know you’re watching over them. Send them a fabulous gift they didn’t even realize they might need or want in the coming semester. The designers at City Line Florist have compiled a list of some items students might find useful or helpful as they return to campus. Read More about 5 Fabulous College Gifts Students Need »

A Fresh Gift For Your Mentor This Bosses Day

On October 20, we celebrate National Bosses Day, a date you definitely want to circle on your work calendar. This is a time to sow some goodwill with your fearless leader, mentor, guide, teacher . . . However you think of that person who holds a position of responsibility at your workplace and manages the efforts of your team. City Line Florist has a bright idea as to what to offer that person who holds such a pivotal role in your life. Read More about A Fresh Gift For Your Mentor This Bosses Day »
Posted by City Line Florist on October 7, 2018 Plants

Self Care Awareness Month Calls for Plants

City Line Florist is in full support of self-care awareness, and so is September. As the officially designated month for such things, September serves to remind us to slow down and to take a little time for ourselves. With the holidays right around the corner, whatever we can do to preserve and enhance our well-being is good. One of the best ways to do that is to welcome a plant into our space. Read More about Self Care Awareness Month Calls for Plants »
Posted by City Line Florist on September 10, 2018 Plants

Delivering Our Thanks To Area Nurses

May 6 through May 12 is both Nurses Appreciation and Teachers Appreciation Week, with National Nurses Day kicking it off on May 6. City Line Florist honors some of these intrepid educators, caregivers and empowerers by partnering with local radio station WEBE 108 to stop by area hospital nurse's stations to say thank you. We visit St. Vincents, Bridgeport, Griffin, Yale New Haven and St. Raphael's hospitals, as well as St. Vincent's Feroleto Center to offer our appreciation as well as a gift of plants and flowers. And we encourage you to do the same this May for all of the nurses and teachers in your life. Read More about Delivering Our Thanks To Area Nurses »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 23, 2018 Plants Teacher Gifts

Celebrating Trumbull’s Best Boss

A workplace is made significantly more enjoyable when there is a great boss at the helm. From the employer who provides extensive benefits, to the supervisor who encourages people to excel in their job, to the department leader who has assembled a winning team - a good boss is one who creates a dynamic, positive and fun environment. Since adults spend nearly one-third of their waking hours at work, we truly appreciate someone like this in the workplace. City Line Florist has the plants, flowers and gifts you'll need to recognize Trumbull's best boss on National Boss's Day. (October 16) Read More about Celebrating Trumbull’s Best Boss »
Posted by City Line Florist on September 23, 2017 Office Gifts Plants

Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care

There are a lot of special occasions coming up - Easter is April 16th, and Administrative Professionals Week begins April 23rd. May brings World Teachers' Day and National Nurses' Day, not to mention Mother's Day. What do all these great observances have in common? They allow us to honor the very important and special people in our lives - and flowering plants, green plants, and orchids are all amazing gifts for these occasions! Or perhaps you are just looking to fill your home or office with an organic, natural vibe. No matter your reason, plants are the perfect answer. At City Line Florist, we have the highest quality product - and are also committed to educating you on how to help your plants thrive. Have any questions bout indoor plant care, orchid care, or succulent care? Just stop into our Trumbull location.  Read More about Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 6, 2017 Plants

Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals

In the early 1950's, the United States economy was recovering from World War II, and companies were growing rapidly. There was a shortage of secretaries, and so a nationwide initiative was implemented to encourage women to join the workforce in that capacity. Part of the movement was to reward the workers once a year, and Secretaries Day was born. Today we call them Administrative Professionals, and although the career field is female dominated - only about 5% are male - the opposite was true when the day was established. What hasn't changed is how indispensable they are - from managing appointments to answering the phones with finesse, from making sure the paperwork gets filed to calming down a feisty customer, our admin pros are valued members of our team. This month, we have the chance to tell them so. City Line Florist has a collection of floral designs, desktop plants, and succulents that will beautifully convey your gratitude.  Read More about Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals »