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Posted by City Line Florist on February 16, 2024 flowers

Marking International Women’s Day with Meaningful Celebrations

International Women’s Day is all about how you want to celebrate it. Whether you’re singling out the queens in your circle, making moves in your community, or just taking a breather to reflect, there’s no rulebook for March 8th. It’s a canvas, and you’re the artist with everything you need to create something that gives you life. At City Line Florist in Trumbull, Connecticut, we’re excited to celebrate the women and allies who run the world with flowers. Our arrangements are as fresh, colorful, and diverse as those we honor today. So, how will you make IWD fire?

Organize a Fundraiser

Are you asking yourself, “How can I make my International Women’s Day fundraiser the best it can be?” Here’s the deal: It’s all about choosing a cause that gets you hyped. Whether you’re stanning fair pay, women’s education, or equal rights, there’s a charity that will benefit from your support. Get your friends in on the action, and together, you’ll create an event that’s as fun as it is impactful. Don’t forget to level up your event’s atmosphere with fresh flowers – they’ll set the perfect vibe for an unforgettable night.

Host a Party

For International Women’s Day, host a fun party celebrating the ladies you love who are out there killing it. Parties naturally have a feel-good energy, allowing everyone to unwind and enjoy hanging out together. Turn up your favorite jams, decorate with fresh flowers, and serve up some tasty food to make sure your celebration is entirely on point. Plus, parties are great for networking, whether for personal or professional growth. So mix, mingle, and make some rad new BFFs.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Gather your friends for an epic brunch, lunch, or dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day and give props to each other for crushing it in life. Indulge in delicious eats, sip some drinks, and celebrate your friends in the spirit of sisterhood. Decorate the table with an elegant floral centerpiece to elevate the space. For your meal, hit up a local spot owned or managed by women and allies; we are here for giving our cash to female-led businesses on IWD.

Set Personal Goals

International Women’s Day motivates us to sit back and visualize the future we want for ourselves. Mapping out those goals sketches a blueprint for your glow-up, showing you a clear direction forward. As a bonus, your ability to crush your goals is inspiring. Whether it’s your BFFs, acquaintances, or girls just starting their journey, sharing your dreams can motivate them to go after theirs. And remember, putting yourself first in ways that feel rad to you, like treating yourself to some bougie blooms, is a self-care goal we co-sign.

Send Flowers

Sending flower deliveries to your BFFs on International Women’s Day is a legit way to spread the love. It says, “Thanks for being rad,” and is an authentic way to express appreciation and solidarity. You can also send yourself a fancy arrangement because you deserve it, to your female family members to say thank you, or to shout out the allies backing you up. Plus, fresh blooms promote positivity and wellness, for real, and we all need more of that!

At City Line Florist, we recognize that International Women’s Day is more than just a holiday – it’s a chance to make a difference. Whether leveling up with a fundraiser, vibing with your BFFs, or sending flowers to loved ones, celebrating the day is as on-point as the queens we honor.

Honor International Women's Day