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Posted by City Line Florist on July 10, 2020 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 flowers

Create a Relaxing Tropical Oasis in Your Backyard

Why spend money on flying to a tropical paradise for a vacation when all you have to do is step outside into your yard and be in one? With a couple of easy ideas and a little investment, you enjoy the relaxing and stress-relieving benefits of solitude oasis in your own backyard. City Line Florist are here to help you create your personal paradise with these easy steps.

5 Easy Steps for Creating a Tropical Paradise in Your Backyard

Green Plant

Surround Yourself with Greenery

Let plant life be the main attraction of your tropical paradise. Create a sense of lushness with large, leafy plants, palm trees, and big leafy bushes. An abundance of varied vegetation is striking especially when there’s differing green colors paired with plants with vibrantly-colored leaves. Creating a layered look with plants of different sizes produces depth and intrigue.

Water Feature

Incorporate a Water Feature

The calming sound of water in instantly relaxing and helps drown out noises for the neighbors or a busy street. Swimming pools are nice, but you don’t have to go that big. Make a decorative pot into a waterfall feature, or put in a birdbath, koi pond, or bubbling fountain. Whichever you choose, this lovely feature provides soft tranquility.

Embellish with Vines

Add crawling vines on fences, trellises, posts, and other structures to help create privacy, add a “jungle” like effect, and give a pop of color amongst all the greenery. Creeping vines such as clematis, morning glories, trumpet vine, and honeysuckle are good choices.

Colorful Flowers

Add Lots of Flowers

Colorful flowers bring excitement and life to a lush green backyard. Including tropical flowers like Birds of Paradise and Orchids bring an exotic quality to the area as do bright, contrasting flowers when they are paired together. For a more calming and harmonious look, plant flowers with softer, similar tones next to each other like pink, purple, and blue. Flowers can also be placed in simple containers and grouped together to create an interesting and pleasant visual.

Bring in the Wildlife

Attract butterflies with a butterfly garden or have a mass of wildflowers within your oasis to attract them, along with bees, and create a gorgeous display of color. To attract hummingbirds, plant brightly-colored tubular flowers. With these beautiful creatures fluttering around your backyard, you’re not only providing a great place for you and your family to relax, but you’re also providing sustenance to wildlife.

Creating a tropical oasis in your backyard for you and your family to retreat to whenever they just need to “get away,” is probably one of the best things you can do for them. Bring the oasis to you and relax in nature and soak up the benefits on your own private paradise.