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Decor & Style Ideas for Summer Backyard BBQs

Gearing up for summer also means gearing up for “grilling season.” With an abundance of backyard BBQs and your own annual cookouts, it’s time to make this year special and host a beautiful celebration with your friends and family. The experts here at City Line Florist, the best flower shop in Trumbull, are sharing the perfect recipe for a stylish, fresh, and memorable time with loved ones full of your favorite summer blooms. Creative ideas like garnishing drinks with flower petals, accenting tables with bright colored flowers, and giving your guests lovely mini arrangements to admire from home are just a few ways to bring the “wow” factor to your backyard.

Four Flower Decorating Tips for a Sizzling Cookout

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Nothing says “summer” better than brightly colored flowers, like sunflowers and gerbera daisies. From Mother Nature to your BBQ eats, you and your guests will be surrounded by a neutral color palette. This year, add a pop of red, yellow, pink, blue, or purple to liven up your outside space. Creating upbeat centerpieces and accents for food and dessert tables is just one way to bring fun to your next summer cookout.

Select Hardy Blooms

When selecting the best blooms to elevate the style and decor for your summer BBQ, keep in mind the optimal room temperature and water intake of each specific bloom. For instance, roses are not the best choice as they often cannot withstand the heat of the summer. Instead, you will want to choose hardy flowers, like wax flowers, sunflowers, daisies, carnations, succulents, delphinium, pincushions, anthurium, and eucalyptus. These are wonderful choices for a hot summer’s day and backyard cookout. You and your guests will be able to marvel over their petals all day and night and even bring them inside as home decor.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

Whether you find yourself mixing up fun summer cocktails or refreshing homemade iced tea and lemonade, serve your guests in style by adding a floral garnish to each drink. It’s a fun way to spice up your traditional cookout and everyone will enjoy the added thought and detail, even the kids. You can also incorporate a floral garnish into fruit-infused waters and signature drinks, like a lavender lemon spritz. Before getting started, make sure to confirm with your local florist that the blooms you have chosen are safe to consume or garnish with.

Style Mason Jar Gifts

The marriage between summer flowers and mason jars is one that creates a flawless piece of rustic decor. Their charm, versatility, and nostalgia complement each other to inspire a lovely ambiance for your annual backyard BBQ. Decorate the mason jars to match your linens or party theme and fill them with your favorite blooms and greenery. Then, scatter the mini arrangements around guest tables and food stations to brighten the space. A fun idea, and sweet way to thank your guests for coming and making a fantastic memory, is to give them a mason jar of fresh flowers to take home as a parting gift.

There are so many creative and out-of-the-box ideas for incorporating flower details into your annual BBQ. With a little help from your friends here at City Line Florist, you are sure to select the perfect summer flowers to brighten up your backyard and make your get-together extra special and stylish.

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