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Five Holiday Occasions to Book Floral Design Classes For Your Loved Ones

With the holiday season drawing near, excitement and jolliness fill the air. Our homes light up with twinkling decorations, we gather for festive parties, and the spirit of giving warms our hearts. Amidst these beloved traditions, there’s a gifting trend that doesn’t demand you be a minimalist to enjoy: the rise of “experience gifts.” These thoughtful presents, like floral art classes, won’t gather dust in the back of your bedroom closet. They bring a creative spark to your holiday celebrations. At City Line Florist, the premier shop in Trumbull, Connecticut, we’re thrilled to highlight five occasions during the holidays when enrolling in a flower-filled workshop can elevate your festivities with wholesome memories.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

After the turkey and apple pie have been polished off, the Christmas season officially begins. But before the work and school week restart on Monday, plan something fun and festive for the family. Gifting a floral design class is a great choice. Why go shopping on Black Friday for more material things when you can bond and have a creative and artistic experience? Craft lovely arrangements to bring holiday energy into your homes, all while telling stories, sharing laughter, and making lasting memories. As you all head home on Sunday, you’ll have a stunning flower arrangement to combat those lingering post-Turkey blues.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

If you want to sort out your holiday centerpieces or create a special gift for your holiday meal hosts, consider taking a floral design workshop. Select a design featuring fresh white flowers and striking red shades complemented by festive seasonal elements. Crafting flower crowns instead of paper crowns for a spin on British tradition is a more environmentally friendly choice. Whether you enjoy attending the class by yourself or with your pals, it’s an ideal way to relax before the big festivities begin. Simply follow the florist’s guidance, and you’ll find it’s a pleasant way to check yet another thing off your list.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Getting loved ones together to work as a team for a floral workshop is a great experience gift for both adults and kids; it unites the family, reflecting the principles of unity, purpose, and creativity at the heart of Kwanzaa. Design flower displays using the holiday’s iconic colors: green, black, and red. Incorporate the symbolic Kwanzaa fruits and vegetables like corn and apples. You can also collaborate on crafting garlands for walls and mantels, floral centerpieces for buffet tables, and beautiful arrangements to place by the front door.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

During the winter holiday season, we attend various parties, from work gatherings to friend-filled soirees. Whether it’s a corporate gifting experience or a casual gathering, a flower design class can infuse new excitement into your celebration and give you a lovely creation to bring home. If you’re usually the host, stick with your usual duties but add a fresh twist by inviting a local florist to present a workshop. Surrounded by holiday goodies, favorite beverages, and jolly decor, you can collaborate on a big project like a floral garland, or everyone can fashion their own holiday bouquet.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

If you’re puzzled about what to get your mother or anyone else on your list, consider an experience gift that allows you to make holiday memories together, killing two birds with one stone. A flower design workshop lets her unleash her artistic talents during the limbo week bridging Christmas and New Year’s in the company of her favorite holiday friends and family. Make the experience even more fun by having her favorite drink on the menu, whether it’s a sparkling glass of prosecco, a rich merlot, or a sophisticated mocktail with floral notes.

At City Line Florist, we’re passionate about flowers and their ability to brighten any occasion. Why not lift your loved ones’ spirits this holiday season by gifting them a floral design class? It’s the key to a merrier celebration.

5 Occasions for a floral design class