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Posted by City Line Florist on August 31, 2018 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 flowers

Flowers That Reveal As Much As They Conceal

Have you ever received a gift or flowers from a secret admirer? The swell of emotions that someone out there is thinking of you can only be overshadowed by the mystery of who might have sent it. If you’ve ever been the sender, you have probably even felt the flutter of nerves, wondering if your secret crush has any idea their gift is from you. The floral designers at City Line Florist have created some amazingly beautiful and mysterious pieces to send from a secret admirer. Just be sure to reveal yourself before too long!

Give a gift that’s both luxurious and lovely, if not a little bit mysterious, when you surprise her with our Essence of Orchids arrangement. Exotic fresh orchids accented with tiny pink blossoms are arranged in a leaf-lined glass vase for maximum appeal. Orchids whisper of the magic of the orient and all things mystical. What a fabulous treat for someone special!

The excitement and mystery of a secret admirer can truly spark suspense. Sending flowers with no card or name- or better yet, signed with a code name- can be a fun way to introduce your interest to someone special. The floral experts at City Line Florist believe in the power of flowers to spark interest and encourage romance. Talk to us today about some of our favorite designs!