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Fun Ways to Greet Guests with Blooms at the Airport

Welcoming friends, significant others, family, and guests to town can be a fun moment to plan. From a public display at the airport to a sweet meal at home, when thinking about your special reunion and thoughtful greeting, you cannot forget a lovely floral bouquet. As flowers will convey how much you have missed them and how happy you are to see them again, your friends here at City Line Florist, the top flower shop in Trumbull, are sharing our best ideas for presenting these blooms in meaningful, creative, and fun ways.

Creative Ideas for Surprising Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

Planning a sweet surprise that is sure to make your loved one light up in the middle of the airport can be as simple as handing them their favorite flowers as you carry their bags. However, if you are ready to go all out and welcome them to town with laughter, dust off your best black clothes, pop on a goatee and hat, and stand in line with the chauffeurs as you proudly hold up a creative and humorous sign.

Spruce Up Your Car

While you load their luggage into the back of your car, let them be surprised with beautiful flowers patiently waiting for them in the front seat. If they are out-of-town guests, they are sure to enjoy a few local favorite snacks and drinks after their long flight. If you’re driving home a loved one, include a sweet greeting card to welcome them back to town. Creating something special for them to enjoy in the car also eliminates juggling a floral bouquet in addition to their bags through the airport.

Decorate Your Home

From the moment they walk into your home, you want your loved one to feel the warmest welcome possible. Why not save their floral surprise for when they walk through the front door? Arrange their bouquet on a table where they cannot be missed and even add some fun and creative decorations to the mix or a few sweet treats that you can indulge in together.

Tease with a Single Stem

What if you love the idea of having a fresh bouquet of flowers waiting for them at home, but still want to greet them with something at the airport? Snag a single stem from their arrangement and bring it with you. This is the best of both worlds as they will be thrilled with their surprise that is waiting for them at home but already grinning from ear to ear at your thoughtful gesture.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a romantic yet unique and quirky way to welcome someone back to town, sending them on a scavenger hunt with beautiful blooms is sure to be perfect. After you present them with a single stem at the airport, guide them with notes, riddles, and clues as they find more blooms in the car, on the way home, around the house, and finally, surprise them over lunch or dinner with a full, lush, and glorious bouquet of flowers.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

Saving their luxurious bouquet of flowers to present to them over some favorite local cuisine is also a thoughtful way to welcome them to town. While filling their stomachs and satisfying their taste buds, create the perfect atmosphere with decorations, candles, and a properly set table with their brilliant blooms in the center.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Presenting flowers to loved ones and guests is a sweet gesture that doesn’t have to be a big production. A thoughtful welcome or graceful greeting is one that reminds them how much you care and appreciate their company while making them feel at home. While placing their cheerful flowers in an elegant vase by their bed or dresser, you also will be sure that each bloom thrives throughout the duration of their stay.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

There are few things that are better than waking up to fresh blooms in the morning, especially after an exhausting day of traveling. As your loved ones get reenergized from a good night’s rest, cook up a delectable breakfast and brew some coffee and tea to enjoy together. Don’t forget to place their lively, uplifting, and welcoming floral bouquet in the center of the table with a sweet greeting card.

Inspiration for the perfect warm welcome and airport greeting can come from just about anywhere, even as you browse our online catalog of bright and reenergizing floral bouquets. However you decide to surprise the travelers in your life, you can be sure that the blooms from City Line Florist will be fresh, uplifting, and the best kind of flowers for after a long flight.

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