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Posted by City Line Florist on October 9, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Halloween

Get into the Halloween Spirit with Scary Flowers and Spooky Gifts

Gobs of candy, sticky apples, ghoulish costumes, and scary movies are all considered to be some of the best parts of Halloween. At City Line Florist, our favorite way to celebrate Halloween and get into the spirit of the season is by designing festive floral arrangements to spread Halloween cheer all around Trumbull.

The Spookiest Flowers for Halloween Arrangements

Orange and Yellow Gerbera Daisies

Orange Gerbera Daisies

Orange gerbera daisies are perfect for Halloween floral arrangements because they’re precisely pumpkin-colored! In our Somethin’ Pumpkin BQT, orange gerbera daisies take the cheerful spotlight in an arrangement bursting with fall foliage, berries, and other autumn-colored blooms. Plus, you or your recipient will be able to enjoy this cheerful Halloween arrangement for years to come because it’s all cleverly contained in a cute ceramic pumpkin vase, complete with pumpkin stem lid. This festive container makes a perfect candy dish for future festivities.


Coxcomb Flowers

For playfully fun Halloween arrangements, we love to incorporate coxcomb flowers because they look like brains! Perfect for a zombie or mummy theme, coxcomb comes in a variety of colors. For the perfect Halloween feel, we recommend using pink or purple coxcomb, combined with a selection of various orange and green blooms. Add twirling willow branches and a few googly eyes to complete the design.

Purple Calla Lilies

Dark Purple Calla Lillies

Dark purple, or eggplant, calla lilies are perfect for Halloween. These flowers’ mournful aubergine is almost black. Tie a spray with black lace for an elegantly macabre bouquet or mix with green blooms and witch hats to create a bewitching arrangement.

Black Rose

Black Roses

We also love black roses for Halloween. An all-black bouquet makes a big impact at Halloween weddings. They’re also fun and pretty in more playful designs. Mix with red roses for a vampire feel. Blend with orange roses or orange gerbera daisies for a festive look. Add fake vampire teeth, sparkling ghosts, miniature pumpkins, or glittery spiders and bats for to create a spooky arrangement. Then, finish the design with ribbons and bows in crazy patterns and Halloween colors.



These abundant blooms are a fall favorite and Halloween classic. They’re available in nearly every color and even feature spidery variations. Potted arrangements always look cheerful and welcoming by the front door.

Spread the Spirit of Halloween with Haunted Gifts and Festive Flowers

This Halloween, you can capture the holiday fun and excitement by decorating your house with a variety of Halloween flowers. Welcome trick-or-treaters to your door with cheerful potted mums and completely your dining room table with a beautiful harvest centerpiece. Then celebrate the Halloween spirit by sending spooky floral arrangements and candy-filled gift baskets to your favorite goblins and ghouls.

Whether there’s an October birthday, anniversary, or you simply love Halloween, City Line Florist can help you select the perfect gifts and floral arrangements to celebrate any occasion. We welcome you to stop by our flower shop or view our online store to browse our full Halloween collection. Happy haunting!