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Posted by City Line Florist on May 4, 2017 | Last Updated: September 1, 2020 Mother's Day

City Line Florist’s Mother’s Day Stories

mother's day stories Mother’s Day is a special day at City Line Florist – not only do we love to help you to honor your mom, but we have some pretty spectacular moms in the City Line family as well! This Mother’s Day, we would like to share a little bit about our team, as well as some personal memories of our Moms that we hold dear. Because Mother’s Day is not just a holiday, it is an opportunity to recognize these extraordinary women who are so important to us.

When it comes to creating the floral designs that celebrate your mom, whether in Trumbull or across the country, you can trust the professionals – because we give our moms flowers too!

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Shirley Roehrich

Shirley Roehrich is the matriarch and queen bee of City Line Florist. She was married to the owner and high school sweetheart Bob Roehrich and seemed destined to work in the florist business.

Shirley went to business school, and handled all office work at the shop; typing letters and invoices, handling all the gift buying for her gift shop, planning delivery routes – she did it all! When her three children – Carl, Susan, and Linda – had children of their own, she sacrificed her career to become the ultimate grandma and take care of her grandchildren. What a rock star! To this day, we still keep her busy folding bills and stuffing envelopes. She can’t get enough of this place.

We would be lost without her. Happy Mother’s Day, Shirley!

Susan Palazzo

As co-owner of City Line Florist, Susan Palazzo works side by side with daughter, Nicole every day. She works countless hours here at the florist, yet still makes time for the family. The florist world has some crazy holiday hours, yet Susan always made it to her kid’s soccer games & events. Susan is a true inspiration and hardworking lady!

She does it all at the florist – she took Shirley’s place in the office, handling daily operations and keeping the business running smoothly. Always learning and enjoys going to floral conferences to stay cutting-edge in the industry, Susan has always been proud to be a leader. When she’s not working at the shop she can be found spending time with her mom Shirley, her two kids Mike & Nicole, walking the lake, or playing with her new Jack Russell puppy, Andy.
mother's day stories


From The Team

We asked our team to share some of their own special memories of Mom.

Candy shares, “When I was 19 and right out of flower school, we sold cut flowers from our beautiful dutch painted farm wagon – every Friday and Saturday on Route 1 in Stonington. My mom grew zinnias and dahlias. We had such a good time together – little did I know that she saved the profits, and years later gave me the money with interest. It was such a surprise!”

Renee – My favorite memories are the ones that we create now with my girls and all of her grandchildren.
Jacob – Standing at the stove watching mom make rice pudding.
Leona – Baking cookies and individually hand wrapping each one for every holiday and every special event.
Nicole – Everything we do together is always an adventure. I love our dinners together, going to florist conferences, or sharing our love for marshmallows.
Edwin – During the holidays, we made coconut rum & rice pudding together. The fun part was tasting the coconut rum afterward! 
Carl (Owner)- The unconditional love and support she shows all of us always.
Sue (owner) – Spending any time possible together and all the summers spent at the lake.


The special bond we share with our Mom is one to be celebrated year-round, but especially on Mother’s Day. We hope that you have many stories that you hold dear to you as well. This Mother’s Day, write a new story by sending beautiful flowers from City Line Florist.

You can be sure that they are designed and delivered with care because we love our moms too!