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Posted by City Line Florist on August 19, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Fall Flowers flowers Roses Sunflowers

Share The Beauty of Fall Favorites

For many of us, fall means pumpkin lattes, leaves changing color, and a cooler nip in the air. For the floral designers at City Line Florist, fall is a time to break out our gorgeous collection of fall favorites. We are so proud of the beautiful blooms that comprise our floral designs and blooming plants. We’re eager to share them with you this season. Take a look at our entire collection and choose something perfect to send to someone special in the Trumbull area or decorate your own home this season.

Share Seasonal Blooms

Some of the most amazing flowers emerge during autumn including Chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, lavender, dahlias, and Russian sage. Take advantage of this magical season and choose gorgeous flowers that will mesmerize and delight. Whether decorating your own home or sending to others, the beauty of fall can be found all around us and should be exhibited in every design you choose.

Share Our Fall Favorites!

Ah, the sunflower…. a popular flower in the summer and in the fall and a favorite of many. The vibrant yellow of the sunflower’s “rays” pairs well with a wide range of other colorful flowers, particularly the deep purple of the lisianthus creating a bold and striking arrangement of contrasting colors only slightly tempered by perfectly placed greens. A perfect example of this is seen in our arrangement, Smile Awhile.

Don’t overlook the succulent! With beautiful dark colors and a variety of interesting shapes and textures, succulents make a great addition to any fall arrangement. The hydrangea, too, is a flower not often associated with autumn, but it blooms from early spring all the way into late fall. Coming in a variety of shapes and colors, a romantic light blue or mystical mauve-colored hydrangea is the perfect contrast to the bright and delightful sunflower. An arrangement of these fall flowers, like our Sunflowers and Succulents, definitely makes someone look twice.

Dahlias are a staple of fall decor as these vibrantly colored beauties typically bloom until late in the season. With a full, rounded shape consisting of numerous, often-two-toned colors, this unique spiky flower, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes, is truly a showstopper. Dahlias paired with autumn-colored roses make a beautiful fall arrangement that will enhance any room. For example, our Seaside Oasis arrangement combines fiery red-orange dahlias with a pop of yellow in their center with vibrant yellow roses to bring the excitement of nature’s changing fall colors indoors, so you can enjoy the season in style.

Share Fall Favorites With Friends and Loved Ones

Create a dramatic, gorgeous look for a fall wedding with fall flowers. Their deep, bold colors and rich textures will give any wedding a unique, seasonal look. Fall flowers also make great gifts for anyone having a birthday or celebrating an anniversary in September or October. Sending flowers that represent that month will delight your friends and loved ones.

Share Fall Favorites Throughout Your Home

Fall flowers can brighten your own space, too! Spruce up your home and office with gorgeous fall blooms for a quick pick-me-up as we move into the cooler fall months. Bright sunflowers and daisies, colorful carnations, and chrysanthemums are all delightful and cheerful flowers. You can also enjoy the depth of color and texture with dahlias, asters, and lavender this season. Freshen up your home and get in the spirit of the season when you decorate with beautiful fall flowers.

The fall season is definitely one to be celebrated. Its dramatic textures and incredible color make fall flowers a great way to enjoy this season. Talk to the floral designers at City Line Florist for more great ideas about how to decorate or give beautiful gifts with fall flowers. Your autumn has never looked more spectacular.