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Back to School Gifts for Teachers and Students to Enjoy

student back to school gifts

From kindergarten to college, it’s time once again for students to head off to school. Whether your child is headed to a Shelton elementary school or Fairfield University, the new academic year brings excitement and challenges for educators and students alike. This season affords many opportunities to give thoughtful teacher and student back to school gifts, and the experts at City Line Florist have assembled a great selection.

student back to school gifts

Vibrant Fall Bouquet

Teachers have been hard at work for weeks now, preparing for the student’s return. There is a lot of effort that goes into devising lesson plans and making a classroom-ready, so reward their endeavors with a beautiful fall bouquet that bids summer goodbye and welcomes the new season. The bright colors will bring life and vibrancy to any classroom, and a fresh flower bouquet is also a wonderful gift to adorn school administrators’ offices.
student back to school gifts

Aromatic Designer Candle

There are many options for both teacher and student back to school gifts that will make studying and working a little easier. We love these designer votive candles that will burn late into the night, whether writing term papers or grading math tests.

student back to school gifts


Vibrant Green Plant

Of course, one of the most classic back-to-school gifts for either teacher or college student is a green plant. Because these amazing plants have the ability to remove toxins from the air, stimulate clearer thinking and encourage productivity, it just makes sense to have one in the classroom or the dorm room.

Send this delightful tin of popcorn that features three favorite varieties of popcorn - carmel popcorn, cheddar popcorn and kettle popcorn. 2 Gallon Tin of delicious popcorn.

Fun Popcorn Trio Tin

Great for students and teachers, an easy snack to pack into lunch boxes, have as a convenient treat while studying or grading papers, or as a nighttime indulgence to unwind from the school day, this Popcorn Trio Tin is one of the best gift baskets in CT. 

Send your heartiest wishes. Custom made in three sizes and filled with cheese, crackers, cookies, candy and more to feed the whole gang. Basket and contents may vary on the delivery date.

Delicious Gourmet Basket

A Gourmet Basket full of cheese, crackers, cookies, candy, and more also works as a unique and creative back-to-school gift for both teachers and students. This basket is loaded with delicious yet quick snacks that can be enjoyed between classes or at home while they relax after a long school day.

Give them something to look forward to while they get back into the swing of doing homework, studying, or grading papers. City Line Florist delivers the best back-to-school gifts throughout the greater Trumbull area. Whoever you wish to support at the beginning of this school year, we have the perfect gift which always makes the grade.