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The Best Statement Blooms for Men This Valentine’s Day

Fresh flowers are a beloved Valentine’s Day tradition, and their appeal goes beyond aesthetics – they promote good health. Backed by science, flowers are known to lower stress, enhance empathy, and increase overall happiness; these health benefits have a lasting impact on life satisfaction. On Valentine’s Day, express your love by presenting the man you adore with a fresh flower arrangement that signifies love and appreciation. Trust the talented team at City Line Florist in Trumbull, Connecticut, to design a bouquet that ignites joy and deepens your connection.

Gerbera Daisies

Bursting with brightness and cheer, Gerbera daisies make a delightful addition to Valentine’s Day bouquets. These charming blooms were also utilized in a research study highlighting how flowers can positively impact men’s communication skills. The findings showed that men who received flowers tended to hold eye contact and communicate more effectively. Gerbera daisies bloom in a range of colors, so you can go with his preferred shade or combine them to convey a special message in the bouquet.


Anthuriums are an elegant and meaningful choice for Valentine’s Day bouquets, thanks to their heart-shaped petals and vibrant crimson, pink, or white colors. These robust blossoms infuse passionate energy into any floral arrangement, and their durable petals and long-lasting bloom period ensure your bouquet remains fresh and colorful for weeks. This longevity mirrors the lasting love and devotion that makes your relationship with your significant other special.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are famous for their tropical allure and exotic vibes, which many men find appealing, along with their eye-catching, colorful blossoms. These distinctively shaped flowers command attention for their untamed beauty and energy. They symbolize positivity and happiness, making them an excellent addition to your significant other’s Valentine’s Day bouquet. Selecting birds of paradise as a present is an unconventional choice, signaling your mutual love of adventure and embrace of surprises.

Red Roses

When deciding what kind of flower arrangements to select for Valentine’s Day, red roses are a timeless choice due to their long-established symbolism of romantic love. They’re a wonderful way to show appreciation to your boyfriend or husband and your enduring bond. Red roses also convey respect and gratitude, underscoring how much you value your significant other and need him in your life. To make the gift more meaningful, select a number of blooms that symbolize important moments or years in your relationship.


Sophisticated and elegant, orchids come in a broad selection of shades, shapes, and sizes. Their multifaceted and rich symbolism makes them an impactful selection for expressing devotion to your male partner on Valentine’s Day. Choose blooms in the colors he likes best to convey your love for him. For example, crimson orchids represent romance and passion, while purple blooms show admiration. You can stick to a single hue or combine shades for added depth. Orchids also have a pleasant and calming energy, creating a tranquil atmosphere on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are a heartfelt and thoughtful present for men on Valentine’s Day, promoting well-being, love, and all the good vibes. They also remind him that he’s one of a kind. Contact us at City Line Florist to craft a meaningful bouquet that suits his aesthetics and speaks to his heart.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms