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Posted by City Line Florist on November 7, 2017 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

Warm Up Your Thanksgiving Table

We’re counting our blessings here at City Line Florist. At the top of the list? Flowers.

There’s so much joy in working with Thanksgiving flowers because we know they’ll be gracing homes filled with family and friends. They help create a festive spirit and to reflect the season’s abundance we’re all so thankful for. There’s no arrangement better able to do that than the centerpiece, which poses like a cornucopia (and sometimes is a cornucopia) in the heart of the dining table.

Everyone’s familiar with the classic centerpiece – harvest florals, sprigs of wheat, raffia and ribbon. And while it’s lovely to design a traditional table for a holiday loaded with tradition, we’re fans of bringing something light and bright to the center. Take our¬†Golden Harvest Centerpiece for instance. With its cheery sunflowers, orange and yellow roses and red hypericum, you’ve got some of our most beloved flowers in the mix, but you’ve also got rosemary and purple kale for additional texture and scent. This is a compact, tidy look that reads beautifully from all angles.

You may not think of Thanksgiving as a time to try something new on the table, but it’s actually a great chance to explore some unique florals and designs. A centerpiece is intended to be something your dinner guests look at and even remark upon. It should complement and enhance the dining experience, communicating the mood of the dinner (whether that’s formal or casual) and bring a little something new to the table. You can see this in practice with our Dance¬†arrangement, a striking piece with red leaves, curly willow and white flowers. It calls to mind both autumn leaves and snow.

Don’t be afraid to work an original centerpiece into your design scheme this year. At City Line Florist, we’ve got plenty to choose from.