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Posted by City Line Florist on August 3, 2018 | Last Updated: February 23, 2022 flowers Summer

Where To Put Those Fresh New Flowers

City Line Florist¬†knows that when we send you home with some beautiful flowers—or deliver them to someone else on your behalf—you’re faced with a major dilemma . . . Where to put them?

Relax, we got you. It turns out that some flowers truly are better off in certain places over others. Orchids don’t mind the subtropical heat of your bathroom, for instance, while a riot of roses do well in a larger space where their fragrance isn’t overwhelming. Plants love a sunny spot in the kitchen, while desk gardens are, well, the perfect de-stressor on your desk.

Around this time of year, we start seeing gladiolus pop up (literally, these guys are tall!). When cut, these beauties are dramatic, their vividly-hued flowers opening one on top of the other until they practically graze the sky. So if, for instance, you take home our Gladiolus Wrapped Bouquet, you’ll probably be eager to show them off. You have several options:

Because of their dramatic height, gladiolus look amazing as a centerpiece or splayed out in a vase on an accent table. We call these “line flowers” for a reason; they are tall, slim and visually fluid. Their stack of blossoms (“glads”) usually face in one direction, an important consideration when using them as a centerpiece. We also see these as amazing flowers to be greeted by in a foyer or entryway.

Have fun designing with flowers. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.