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Posted by City Line Florist on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: December 24, 2020 flowers Valentine's Day

Why Ordering Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Early Is Smart

The stores are filling up with teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With the most romantic day of the year quickly approaching, our experts at City Line Florist in Trumbull are here to remind you that planning early for Valentine’s Day is always the best way to go! By taking care of all your preparations before the holiday arrives, you’ll be able to enjoy a romantic day with your significant other without the stress of worry about what restaurant you can still get into or whether you’ll be able to find a V Day bouquet she’ll love

long stemmed roses - a classic look! Arranged with million star babies breath, and mixed greenery in a clear glass vase.

Roses with Baby’s Breath

How Ordering Valentine’s Flowers Early Eliminates Stress

Beat the Rush

The last way you should be spending your time on Valentine’s Day is fighting the crowds between flower shops and candy stores, trying to put together a last-minute Valentine’s Day surprise. When you order your flowers early, you’ll be the crowds and also make your special someone feel completely loved because they’ll know they were at the top of your mind during the most romantic season.

Get Your First Choice of Flowers

Every Valentine’s Day, millions of bouquets are sold, which means waiting too long to order could result in your first choice of flowers, colors, and designs selling out before you’ve had a chance to order. Around Valentine’s Day, the most sought-after bouquets commonly sell out faster than you might expect. When you order early, you’ll be able to deliver the exact flowers and design you want.

pink roses and lilies in cubed vase

Fabulous Flora

Schedule an Optimal Delivery Time

We do our best to accommodate all our customers’ requests, but on and leading up to Valentine’s Day, our delivery schedules fill up incredibly fast. In order to make sure you’re able to schedule a delivery time that works for you, we recommend ordering your flowers and getting your recipient’s name in a delivery slot as soon as possible.

Save Money

Valentine’s Day dates are expensive, but ordering your flowers early could save you some money. Flower prices are typically reduced in January, which means ordering early could make it easier to afford a fancy dinner on the 14th.

Just How Soon Should You Order?

Honestly, the early you order your Valentine’s Day flowers, the better! We usually begin receiving orders as early as the middle of January. We recommend ordering at least one week in advance to ensure you’re able to get your first choice in designs and schedule the delivery time you desire.

this beautiful bouquet created with our finest premium imported roses from Ecuador. The roses come designed in a keepsake ceramic container with golden heart embellishments.

Heart of Gold

Gorgeous Valentine’s Flowers from Your Local Florist

When you order flowers from a local shop, instead of from a national delivery service, you can always expect to receive a high-quality bouquet. Plus, you’ll never be hit with unexpected delivery charges or processing fees. With a local florist, you’ll receive the best of the blooms available in your area and be welcome to make personal requests for individualized customizations.

At City Line Florist, our flower experts are always available to help you make the perfect floral selection for Valentine’s Day. Whether you order online, over the phone, or stop by our flower shop, we welcome you to ask as many questions as you need!